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The Church wishes to share the gift of being sons and daughters of God as soon as reasonably possible. Rather than withhold this grace until adulthood, it has been the tradition of the church to also baptize infants. Baptism classes for the parents are required if it has been 3 years or longer since attending one. Godparents should be one male catholic and one female catholic as the analogy is of spiritual "parents." However, if necessary, one Godparent may be a non-catholic.

One should be registered in the parish, and should contact the pastor as soon as possible to plan for baptism.

1st Penance

We are called to be God's children and have been claimed for Him and by Him in Baptism, but we often stumble and fall. The sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the great healing sacraments that we have the opportunity to receive time and time again.

Children preparing for 1st Confession generally do so in the 2nd grade before preparing for 1st Communion. Adults generally prepare by the RCIA process. Anyone aware of grave or serious sin (Mortal Sin) must receive this sacrament before presenting themselves to receive communion.

1st Communion

Having been properly prepared by 1st Confession, children in the 2nd grade (roughly the age of reason) are encouraged to be prepared for receiving the Eucharist. There is formal preparation through our Religious Education Program. 1st Communion itself is often one of the Sundays immediately following Easter. If you are a baptized Catholic, but somehow have been away from the Church and never received 1st communion or Confirmation please see the RCIA section and contact your pastor.

Confirmation (of baptized Catholics)

Confirmation is just what it sounds like. It is a confirming of the faith received in Baptism and a sealing in the Holy Spirit. It is one of the 3 initiation sacraments. Our diocese currently has the age for confirmation of baptized, catechized adults set at the age of 16 and at least a Junior in High School. We have religious education class from K-12 grades. If you are an adult who was baptized Catholic but have been away from the church, or if you are an un-baptized adult or were baptized in another Christian Church Please go to the RCIA section.

R.C.I.A. (Adults wishing to become Catholic)

This program is for any who wish to become a Catholic, or for any who were baptized Catholic but were never catechized or somehow drifted away from the practice of their faith. It is a process of both education and formation, growth in spiritual life and in knowledge of the Faith. It generally begins in September or October and culminates at the Easter Vigil. If you are interested in this discernment process, you should contact the pastor as soon as possible and fill out the registration form.



The Church considers marriage a sacrament. In Marriage God calls a man and a woman to a permanent self-giving commitment that is to be a mirror image to the world of God's love for the church. As such, we provide every opportunity and tool to assist couples in formation and preparation for marriage.

Are you being called to the vocation of Marriage?

Contact your pastor at least 6 months prior to your desired date of marriage (ideally, as soon as you are engaged and BEFORE you contact or commit to anything else --i.e. tuxedos, dresses, halls, asking people to be "in your wedding" etc.-- so that you may learn the guidelines and "do's and don'ts" and save yourselves much work and anguish later.)

Helpful websites:

Holy Orders

In Holy orders, a man is called by God and set aside by the church for ministry. Unmarried men in good standing may apply to the diocese to study for Diocesan Priesthood (work in parishes etc. in a Diocese) or as part of a religious order.

Are you being Called to the Priesthood?

If you are interested in applying to the seminary talk to your pastor today and visit to learn more!

Deacons are called by the church to preach and to look to the needs of the poor, especially widows and orphans. Married or unmarried men aged 35 and older may apply to the diocese for possible formation as a deacon.

Are you called? Talk to your pastor today and visit

Women's & Men's Religious Orders
In vowed or professed religious life, men and women are called by God to live in community or as part of a congregation living out a specific charism, and through self-sacrifice and intense witness, are reminders to the world of the need of prayer and to live faithfully the Christian life. There are numerous orders and congregations, some cloistered, others not, some living all together in one place, others spread far and wide engaged in various ministries in the Church and world.

Are you being called by God to be a sister or a brother? Talk to your pastor, your local brothers or sisters in your parishes and visit the following websites for more information:
School Sisters of Notre Dame
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